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Let the Horseback Team Hear From You

Diane Holt, Brazos Valley Bureau Chief

(936) 878-2678 Ranch

(713) 408-8114

Diane Holt brings the vast experience gained through 22 years of Multi Marketing experience, most recent Director of Sales and Marketing for five - major Houston radio stations.

Now a Brazos Valley rancher and devotee of Parelli Natural Horsemanship, she handles national, state and local accounts. In her spare time Diane designs equestrian playgrounds and writes an occasional story for Horseback.

Vicki Long, Publisher

(281) 447-0772

The roots of the American west are imbedded deep in Vicki Long’s soul. She is the descendent of pioneers who endured the privations of the Mormon trail as they made their way to Utah. Her family was there with Brigham Young as he looked down upon the Salt Lake Valley and declared, “This is the place.”

While she long ago left the faith of her ancestors for different spiritual pursuits, her quest to blaze new trails has remained, a gift remains from these stalwarts of the frontier.

Vicki and her family lived all over the west as her father, an oil company executive, moved from town to town at the behest of his company. She has a native’s view of not only Utah, but Colorado, Idaho and Oklahoma where she lived as a girl. When the family came to Texas in the 1970s, the Lone Star experience rounded out an already well developed sense of place which was nurtured and cemented in college at the Hill Country’s Southwest Texas State University ( Now Texas State).

It was there that she had the genesis of a career in the hospitality industry working in restaurants, and moving from that to a successful stint in group sales for major hotel chains, often traveling internationally to develop business.

From there, she took her group sales skills forward to join Texas Bus Lines, a major statewide carrier and tour operator.

Meanwhile, her father had left his job as chief trainer with Conoco to form The Success Group, a Houston based audio visual firm specializing in training films. The clients included his former company, but also other Fortune 500 firms. When Vicki Long joined the company as director of sales, she expanded the product base and brought in new clients such as the mammoth Gulf States Toyota account.

After leaving The Success Group, Vicki Long carved out another career in Yellow Pages advertising before settling into her current career as publisher of Horseback Magazine where she has taken a fledgling local magazine statewide to become the most influential voice of the recreational horseman in the Southwest, the American region with the largest concentration of horses nationwide.

At Horseback, Vicki has developed a skill she always knew she had, but was never able to develop. She now writes a widely read monthly column, and her short stories published in the magazine have been marketed by her agent to the film and television industry, including the Hallmark Channel.


Carol Hollaway, Gulf Coast Bureau Chief

(832) 607-8264

Carol Hollaway brings 22 years of banking management and a no nonsense business approach to TSGM.

Carol worked in the industry during both boom and bust years as a banking center branch manager and investment officer. She has seen it all in the sometimes frustrating, but always exciting world of business handling major accounts accounting for tens of millions throughout her career.

After leaving banking she served as a private insurance broker and investment advisor before founding two firms, The Tack Wagon Tack Shop and Equine Advantage, a manufacturer’s representative firm specializing in equestrian related items.

In 2005 Carol joined Horseback Magazine managing the wildly successful publication’s Gulf Coast office based in Houston. She continues in that capacity today, taking on the added duties of senior account representative with TSGM, owned by successful entrepreneurs Steven and Vicki Long.

She is married with two grown children and a horse named WiCa.

Carol brings a banker's knowledge of the need for a business to advertise to Horseback Magazine.

She is also a longtime committee member of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and has served as president of the Greater Houston Horse Council.




Leslie Greco
Leslie Greco, Oklahoma Bureau Chief

405-474-2969 Cell

Leslie Greco brings has spent a lifetime working with horses, newspapers and magazines.

She is a consummate publishing professional having worked for or owned several.

She is also a lifetime member of the American Quarter Horse Association, the United States Equestrian Association and a host of other professional affiliations.